“She is a good horse.” This 20 year old Trakhener /Running Quarter Horse cross has been one of Paul’s closest companions since she first came to the farm five years ago.  She comes from an eventing background in her younger years. When her young owner went to university, she became part of a program for self-development with people.  Her family recognized that she wasn’t liking this work and felt she needed a more active purpose and she was given to us by Helen Russel and Ken Buck for a trial. Paul bonded with her within a couple of days and in that month Zoe was jumping, cattle sorting, doing gymkhana, trail riding and she was loving it. She had foundered in the past and we were concerned about her going lame but she has been amazing. When we decided to go on the ride across Canada we knew that we had to give Zoe a chance to join us but because of her age and history of founder, we weren’t confident that she would go very far. She definitely proved that she was more than capable by confidently carrying her owner over 5,000 kms across Canada from Victoria, BCto St. John’s Newfoundland. When we made her take days of she was upset that her Paul had left her behind. Not very often, but sometimes, Paul shares her with others and this is a big compliment to person that is granted this privilege. He is very protective of her. Zoe doesn’t really like her face petted and isn’t really fond of busy children. She likes to be on a mission just like Paul.