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“A long time and respected friend shared a story with me while we were in a discussion about post traumatic stress, resiliency and the disconnect that exists between our military and civilian Communities. This story made a difference to me and I understand that the tests and the trials of military service give me a much different and wider breadth of experience than many Canadians.”

- Paul Nichols, Canadian Army Veteran

The story of the forge...

An iron ingot is just that. It is a heavy block of iron that isn’t particularly beautiful or useful. It can be hammered crudely and made into a shape but that shape remains relatively soft and it is unreliable when pressed into hard service. In order for the block of iron to become more, in order for it to take a shape, in order to take it’s true form... in order for iron to become a plough or a weapon or a fine piece of artwork, the iron needs to be taken nearly to the point of destruction.  It needs to know the heat of the forge and the blows of the hammer.  It needs to be heated and pounded and folded and heated and pounded again. The heat of the fire, the strong support of the anvil and the form shaping heavy blows from the hammer are crucial in the transition. Only after the iron has known all of these stresses, these challenges... With the artisans touch, the ingot is transformed and ready for the quench that will see it turned into strong and flexible steel. It will have taken its true form.” 

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What does the forge offer?

  • multidisciplinary clinics for veterans and first responders


  • Equine Mobility Training

  • Leadership Programs

  • Resiliency Programs



What You Can Expect : equine mobility training

The Forge Equine Mobility Training takes participants into an intense immersive program of horsemanship, technical riding, and equine leadership. Participants will learn how to work with their equine partner with the goal of creating partnership in technical riding, trail riding, packing, and more. You will learn how to read the language of the horse and accomplish technical tasks while increasing respect and trust.

What You Can Expect : The Forge programs for veterans and first responders

The Forge Programs for veterans and first responders are residential therapy programs in a rural farm setting. They are designed to support and treat people experiencing the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and/or Operational Stress Injuries.

During a program, you will be provided with a variety of therapeutic activities, including group and individual therapy sessions, massage, body work, yoga and equine therapy. The location offers comfortable accommodations and home-cooked meals on a working farm. A key element of the programs is Equine Assisted Mindfulness Therapy, which will pair you with an equine partner for the duration of your stay.

  • Equine Assisted Mindfulness Therapy: Supported interactions with horses to enhance self-awareness and improve relationship skills

  • Yoga: Supported yoga sessions to facilitate body awareness and mindfulness through movement

  • and breath

  • Body Work: Clears out trauma held in the body for greater mind-body connection

  • Massage: Sessions with a Registered Massage Therapist increase relaxation, release tension and decrease pain

  • Psychologist : Group and individual therapy sessions with registered psychologists who specialize in trauma

  • Medical Support: On-call physician

  • Skill Building: Full immersion into farm activities and opportunities to explore new skill development

  • Personal Growth: The Forge is a challenging and rewarding experience, designed to support you in building the tools you need for a better life

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Is The Forge right for you? Veterans and First responders 

  • Are you suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Anxiety or Depression?

  • Do you have trauma in your past that is affecting your well-being in the present?

  • Are you feeling isolated and disconnected from people around you?

  • Would you like to improve your relationships with family, friends and community?

  • Do you want to improve your overall health and well-being?

If your answer is “Yes” to any of these questions, a Forge Program can help you.

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