Pen-Y-Bryn Farm is a Tourism British Columbia's Approved Accommodation Bed and Breakfast and operates a Bed, Bale and Breakfast for people traveling with horses. This has allowed us to share our piece of the Cariboo with visitors from across Canada and the world. We believe that this has enriched our family, our farm and our community. Encompassing acres of farm and ranch land, Pen-Y-Bryn Farm is owned and operated by the Nichols family and is a temporary home for guests, visitors, students and vacationers.

Pen-Y-Bryn offers many exciting experiences and learning opportunities. Our Riding arena and round pen have hosted events from award winning horse trainers and clinicians to 4H kids learning to show their livestock projects.  We are the home of our local therapeutic riding program, CHAAPS .

Pen-Y-Bryn is also proud to offer programs for veterans and first responders with PTSD and to be a home to come back to for those that have been participants in our programs. Our community has rallied around us and this program and the participants and we are excited to see where the future takes us. 

The farm maintains gardens and fruit trees and raises laying hens and meat birds to keep the freezers and pantry full. Pen-Y-Bryn is a year round operation. Come and experience all that we have to offer!



Learn about riding, horsemanship, and stable management in a fun and safe environment. Bring a helmet and a pair of cowboy boots for your adventure!


The kids will have a blast at the Farm! Organized activities keep the kids interested and having fun. activities available in a Birthday Party Package include:

  • Horseback riding
  • Outdoor movie theater
  • Crafts & games

 Prices range depending on what you would like included.


By creating a situation that causes the horse to look to the rider or handler for advice and direction, we can build confidence and trust. By supporting our horses we can change the way that they perceive and react to their environment while building on that trust and rewarding a good try. A horse that unexpectedly shies at things can be unnerving and dangerous. We believe that horses that are highly stressed may not be in a frame of mind to think their way through trouble and that this characteristic presents a problem when a horse is startled or put into a difficult situation. When a horse experiences a new stress, he instinctively retreats, and when he recovers his composure at a safe distance from that stimulus he can then process it. This survival behavior has served horses well and reinforces itself each time the horse reacts. Our strategy is to build confidence in our horses and for our horses to build confidence in our leadership by challenging the partnership and by rewarding the horse for checking in with the rider before giving in to the instinctive flight response. The obstacles that we present to our horses are designed and presented in a way that keep these and the following thoughts in mind; Obstacles must be safe and fun while creating a noncompetitive, supportive atmosphere that encourages problem solving and communication between riders. The obstacles must create an environment that stimulates the horses natural curiosity and challenges them mentally and physically. The goals set out to be undertaken at each obstacle must be progressive and achievable and afford the horses frequent victories. Obstacles should be difficult enough to create a situation that requires the horse to seek direction and support from the rider to achieve success. Events are inclusive to all ages, disciplines and levels of ability. For more information, please contact Terry by email.


Outdoor activities are abundant in Quesnel! Take in the scenic hiking trails and splendid fishing opportunities everywhere you go. Here are a few examples:

* Hike on the Farm or stop and enjoy the beautiful trails of Sisters Creek just minutes away in our lovely Kersley community. Sisters Creek offers an amazing view of the mighty Fraser River!
* Take your dog for a walk or cross country ski on the year around trails of Hallis Lake.
* Travel up to historic Barkerville (the largest historic site in North America) where you can enjoy hiking and old world charm.
* Take in the amazing Pinnacles Provincial Park

* Enjoy the Trophy Rainbow Trout Lake (Dragon Lake) near the Farm. The lake is known around the world as having the largest rainbow trout!
* Sun bathe or fish at Ten Mile Provincial Park
* Catch a pan sized trout at Milburn/Bouchie Lake