Abby is Terry’s horse. She is an 8 year old Arab/Percheron/Quarter horse. Her dad is an endurance horse and her mom was a gentle giant in the CHAAPS program. She is a combination of them both with her active Arab imagination and her loving therapeutic personality. While some horses can be ‘Push button’, Abby seems to be more ‘Button Pusher’.  She is incredible for self development work as she is so sensitive to the energy and emotion of her human partner and also requires a strong and clear leader. Abby is the horse that Terry mostly take in clinics. She seems to be her greatest teacher about horsemanship and about herself. She reminds people of their children that they may be struggling to lead, or the person that oversteps personal boundaries.  At times, Terry will share her with others. Abby wears her heart on her sleeve and is easy to read. You know very soon where you sit in her ‘pecking order’.